Quick glimpse of my work

So this is what I have been working on lately.

Washing, drying, and pinning my insects.

And identifying them to the family level.

I found that I can line up my Nikon S4100 camera with the above microscope and take some pretty decent photos through the microscope.

I am currently at the stage of identifying my non-Syrphid and non-bee insects to the family level. However, they are more challenging than I thought especially when the keys rely on wing venation and some of the wings are very crumpled and fragile.

Head of a fly. Just arching over the antennal base is a scar-like suture, which is one of the first initial keys of identifying flies.

Meron (the plate just above and beyond the mid coxa) with or without bristles is another important key. I am having trouble locating the meron but my colleague just directed me to this helpful site.

A Globular Springtails - Family Sminthuridae

Many of the unknown Dipteras that I am having trouble identifying because they are so small, especially when seeing some of the key features.

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