Photos from last few days

Jan 19 - Blizzard-like conditions in the afternoon, but the sky cleared by nighttime.

From my insect traps, this is one of the smallest bumblebees I have ever seen. Barely the size of my thumb-nail.

My supervisor has a sweet Nikon SMZ-800 stereoscope that can be attached to his Nikon D5000 DSLR and allowed us to take some pretty close-up photos. Can you guess what this is?

Jan 20 - Icicles outside the apartment.

Jan 21 - Close-up on one of the branching icicles.

I got my new passport this morning (really fast processing, I must say, despite the long waits). While waiting for the bus, snowflakes were falling and they were so easy to see individually. I took this photo when I came to school again this afternoon and laid my glove on a box and hoped for a snowflake to land on it. This is a close-up photo done with my Olympus E-620 with the macro ability on my telephoto lens.

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