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Many photos to share, so I thought I organize them chronologically.

Jan 25 - (Possibly) figured out where the bristles on the meron (the plate just above and behind the mid coxa) are.

Look near where the lower calypter is.

Close-up. I think those are the bristles on the meron.

Jan 26 - Paid my monthly rent and walked along the Otonabee River to my work building.

Frozen shallow parts - two Canada Geese sleeping on the lower right of the photo and a Crow flying on the left edge.

Cloudy day.

Male midge (Family Chironomidae) with the plumose antennae.

Unknown Wasp (I think).

Jan 27 - Found the first blow fly of my collection (Family Calliphoridae).

Blow Fly (Family Calliphoridae)

Jan 28 - Found some spiders in my pan traps and thought it would be cool to take some close-up photos of the eyes, like this photographer's.

Crab spider eyes. Almost skull like, with the ringed-lighting from the stereoscope.

Jumping Spider (Family Salticidae)
Jumping Spider (Family Salticidae).

Jan 29 - The ID of this fly has been bothering me for awhile - because it is so small and usually so damaged, but also so abundant. I thought I asked for help at BugGuide but the only response so far is Family Milichiidae.

Glued to a point.

Wing venation.

Another view.

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