Jumping Plant Lice, Cuckoo wasps, and Dance flies

Sharing some of the photos of insects that I did not know and/or thought was cool-looking.

Jumping Plant Lice (Family Psyllidae)

This critter was captured on June 11, 2011 in a yellow pan trap in my "1" study site. I didn't know what it was until I asked for help at BugGuide. Jumping Plant Lice (Family Psyllidae) can be identified by their hard and shining thorax and has 5 to 10 antennal segments.

Cuckoo Wasp (Family Chrysididae)

Cuckoo Wasp (Family Chrysididae)

These cuckoo wasps (Family Chrysididae) were caught on June 26, 2011 inside a yellow pan trap along the "air strip". They are pretty easy to identify based on their brilliantly metallic colours.

Hybotid Dance Flies (Family Hybotidae) were found in many of my pan traps. I didn't realize Dance Flies could get this small, otherwise I'd recognize it considering I took a live similar one (Family Empididae) before.

Dance Fly (Subfamily Empidinae)
Dance Fly (Subfamily Empidinae)

Hybotidae and Empididae do not have a scar-like suture on their heads, their feet has two pads, antennae not clubbed, and then something about the wing venation that I am trying to get grasp.

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