Day trip to North and West Vancouver

Today, my family and some family friends went to North Vancouver to do some sight-seeing.

Our first stop was the Capilano Salmon Hatchery. We saw a lot of salmons trying to swimming upstream to get to their destinations. Definitely a group of species that deserves to be admired and protected.

My mother said the "fall" is quite loud. I said Niagara Falls is definitely a thousand times louder than this.

Mist over Capilano River
Mist over the Capilano River. The mist added a sense of mystique to the river.

Spotted Tussock Moth Caterpillar (Lophocampa maculata)
Saw this Spotted Tussock Moth caterpillar. I also saw an American Dipper, a heron, and several gulls on the river.

Our next stop was Capilano Lake and Cleveland Dam.

Capilano Lake
Panoramic shot of the lake. Too bad there wasn't a blue sky to complement the greenery.

Looking down
Peeking over the Cleveland Dam. What a drop!

Red Rose
A beautiful red rose.

Our last stop was Horseshoe Bay Park in West Vancouver. By then, the clouds parted and blue sky appeared.

Life on the BC coast
Horseshoe Bay.

Jellyfish in the shore water.

Young unknown Gull (Laridae)
An unidentified young gull. I also saw a seal poking its head out of the water. Too bad it dived when I focused my camera on it.

Snack time

Watching the boats go by
The rest of the trip was just relaxing outside and enjoying life.

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