Biking along the railway tracks

The rain stopped and blue sky appeared today. Time to grab my bike, leave the computer, and go out for a much needed break.

I slowly biked to South Dyke. Once I got there, I headed towards Finn Slough and spotted a couple juvenile Cedar Waxwings eating the fruits (of what?).

Cedar Waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum) juvenile

Bees helping pollinate raspberry flowers.

Feral bunny
Saw a (feral) bunny on a trail once I biked around that warehouse. There were many Darners that I saw but couldn't photograph because they never sit still.

Dividing tracks
Walking my bike along the railway tracks.

Dazzling canopy
So much green! I wonder what this will look like a couple of months from now. Note to self!

Unknown flowering plant
Saw this plant with pretty pink flowers. Also saw some Whites mating and a couple of Garter Snakes along the train tracks. Definitely going to try photograph the snakes next time.

Once I got to Finn Slough, I only photographed these two photogenic cats!

Sleepy Kitty

Black Cat

PS - I don't really want to admit it, but I am always a bit cautious when crossing the bridge.

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