Proximity to Finn Slough

Today I just realized how close Finn Slough is to where I live. Life is certainly going to be interesting from now on.

Really like the sign and the writings.

I rode my bike to here, so it was a bit awkward to bring it across the bridge. Maybe I will remember to bring a lock next time. This time, I didn't cross the bridge. [I always hesitate when crossing the unsecured wood boards.]

Cloudy day. It's going to rain tomorrow, or so the forecast says.

Friendly Kitty
I made a new friend today!

I love cats!

Leaving the slough, a flock of gulls was feasting on the dead salmons near the shore.

Tilted Sailboat
A sailboat that looked as if it was going to tip over.

On a random note, every summer, I always learned something new and interesting during my field work. This summer, I discovered the wonderfully music radio station in CBC - Radio 2, a rarity really nowadays. No commercials and a lot of great Canadian (and world) music, what's not to love about it!

1 comment:

Susannah (Wanderin' Weeta) said...

I always love that view of the houses up the slough. Somehow the attract marvelous moody skies. You captured the moment beautifully!

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