Back in B.C. & new home & walking along Lake Ontario

I landed in Richmond early yesterday morning (just after midnight). My family bought a home in Richmond when I was away in Ontario, and so it was my first time seeing the new home. It's nice, still in Richmond, but now I live right across from a shopping centre and no longer within a easy biking distance to the dyke, so I will have to figure something out in the coming days to keep me from being deprived of my doses of nature-watching.

Yesterday, though, I drove my mom to Terra Nova and walked around the share farm. Lots of flowers!

And the slough is quite dried up and full of cattails and weeds too.

On my last day in Ontario, it was quite windy and the weather was unpredicted so I stayed mostly in my friend's home sorting out my luggage (one small and one large suitcase - the large one was overweight and cost me $84), doing some laundry, check-in via the internet, and walked to the nearest trail along Lake Ontario.

Strange weather - a shower here and there and gusty winds too.

A couple of Goldfinches on the thistles and plants growing along the pavement.

The weather got a bit nicer.

Ontario's GO Train. Definitely have to ride it next time I am back.

A Spotted Sandpiper playing hard-to-photograph with me. At least, I think it's a SPSA.

It has been raining the whole day, so I stayed at home sorting out the things my mom packed and unpacked for me. I do have a lot of junk and useless stuff. And I found a nice website to help me begin writing my grad school application letter. Hope for a better weather tomorrow.


Susannah (Wanderin' Weeta) said...

Welcome home!

Hugh said...

Welcome home. You've had quite a year.

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