Short Post: Moon and Gull

I didn't have too much time during my lunch break to go out and enjoy the sunny day. Maybe tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I still managed to take a quick shot of the moon as I left home early in the morning for work.

Moon-watch on 2009-12-07

Then another shot as I arrived early in downtown Vancouver.

Gull watching seabus
Gull looking down on the Seabus, literally, as it headed towards North Vancouver.


ramblingwoods said...

Great photos..It is hard to leave comments when you have your blogger settings from 'embedded' to 'pop-up'. I needed to close firefox and use internet explorer, but it still took a couple of tries...Michelle

PSYL said...

Thank you, Michelle.

I have changed the comment settings now. Can't thank you enough for trying again and again!

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