Boxing Day in the foggy Minoru Park

Today, my mother and I went to Richmond Centre to check out the Boxing Day deals. We passed through Minoru Park along the way.

Canada Geese (Branta canadensis)
Canada Geese feeding on the foggy field.

The park is still overrun with many bunnies. I lost count of how many we saw - probably more than ten.

They sure are cute though.

A shy rabbit on the steps of Minoru Church.

Feral Bunny
A very handsome one.

Feral Bunny
I can't imagine why anyone would buy a beautiful animal such as this as a pet, then abandon it after a while.

A human looking at me!

Hey, mister, do you have food?

No? That's all right, I will just dig a hole in front of you then.

On Minoru Lake, there were many Mallards and American Wigeons. The must interesting animal must be these two male Common Mergansers resting in the center without any females.

Hybridized Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)
An interesting hybridized male(?) Mallard. I can't even tell if it is a male or female anymore.

Male American Wigeon (Anas americana)
Male American Wigeon.

Peaceful and Foggy Minoru Lake.

Foggy day in Richmond
Today is an excellent to come out and enjoy nature because almost everyone will be indoors fighting over deals.

I wanted to buy an DSLR this boxing day. But after much thinking and deciding, I decided to wait for a while before the one I wanted drops its price. I am likely to buy a Pentax K-X, although other cameras in my wishlist are Sony a-550 or Sony a-700 - all of them because of their in-body IS and their relatively inexpensive lenses compare to Canikons.

I still spent some money buying a sturdier tripod (Opus OPT-210) for myself this Boxing Day, and I am happy thinking of the money I saved.

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