Short Post again: Moon and Pheasants

Gosh, I hope I am not getting lazy to go outside these days. Maybe it's because of the cold temperature? Anyways, I still didn't go out during my lunch break today, but again had two more images to share today.

Half moon on 2009-12-08
(Half) moon-watch in the early morning.

And inside the gentleman's restroom in one of the hotels in downtown Vancouver hangs this picture of a male and female Common Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus). It seemed very strange to me that the hotel decides to hang this picture in the men's washroom.

Pheasants, M & F - Plate LVII

Anyways, after some Googling just now, I discovered that this beautifully hand-colored engraving belongs in the second edition of Prideaux John Selby's Illustrations of British Ornithology (London: 1841-1846) and was being auctioned here. Very neat - especially the idea of full-sized paintings!

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ramblingwoods said...

It is cold here and it does make it more challenging to go out. The is a fantastic moon shot..I have tried and can't take them that well...Michelle

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