First visit to Paulik Garden

Didn't make a post yesterday because I was attending our office's Christmas Party and didn't go out to take pictures. Today, I was feeling kind of heavy-headed from all that wine that I drank last night, and so I didn't venture as far as I would have liked during the weekends.

On Friday, our local newspaper had an article on Paulik Garden, which I always find interesting and want to visit but never really have the chance. Anyways, with my condition today, I decided to keep my trip short and local and start with Paulik Garden. The weather was great today - sunny with few clouds (although I heard from my mom that it rained a bit in the morning - while I was still asleep).

Apparently Rock Paper Lizard also visited Paulik Garden today (in the morning) and had more interesting stories to tell that me. Nevertheless, now that I have visited it, the garden is indeed a special place in the midst of all the new condos surrounding it. I guess it is becoming a refuge spot for birds of that area.

The different types of habitats (for all kinds of birds) in Paulik Garden.

A butterfly "hotel" for the non-migratory butterfly species (during the winter) here in Lower Mainland.

One of my favorite things to do now - exercise my neck by looking up magnificent tall trees and taking pictures.

I only saw the common birds in the garden today, such as American Robin (Turdus migratorius) and Dark-eyed Junco. I also saw a large bird flying over me while I was taking pictures of something else. The bird flew to the tall trees and disappeared, and I couldn't find it again. Such a shame because I think it might be an eagle or an owl.

American Robin in Paulik Garden
The quite abundant robins in Paulik Garden.

A bird that seems to be a robin, but it doesn't have that bright orange breast, so I am quite confused now. Maybe it's a different species all together.

Eastern Gray Squirrel in Paulik Garden
Even though I know they are quite common, I still can't resist taking pictures of a fellow mammal, especially one that's giving me such a cute pose.


Lady bird in Paulik Garden
Lady bird resting/hiding inside a tree hole.

Afterwards, I decided to walk north because it seemed that the Garden City Community Park is quite nearby and I thought why not pay a visit while I was in the neighborhood. The first thing that I noticed when arriving at the park was the fewer number of waterfowls in the ponds. I guess the Canada Geese have continued with their migration, leaving behind the usual mallards. Mallards usually travel in a group, but I was paying attention to a smaller group of non-mallards. This group consisted of: Green-winged Teals (Anas crecca), a female Hooded Merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus), and a male Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata). I guess you can even call them a group of misfits.
However, the most exciting sighting of the day was this pair of muskrats (Ondatra zibethicus) - a medium-sized, brown, aquatic rodent that build dens on the water just like beaver. But one distinguishable characteristic is their vertically flattened tail, which was clearly observed when I was watching them swim. They were feeding on some kind of plants in the pond. Never seen a muskrat in person, I was running around the pond trying to get decent picture with my digital camera. And these were the best that I got.

Muskrat in Garden City Community Park

While I was on the bus heading home, I saw the clouds turning into a beautiful orange due to the sunset. So I skipped my bus stop and rode the bus all the way to Steveston to watch the sun set (in the windy cold temperature) in Garry Point Park.

Sky Watching in Garry Point Park

Sky Watching in Garry Point Park

Sky Watching in Garry Point Park

Sky Watching in Garry Point Park

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Love the lady beetle shot. It pays to look closely!

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