Great way to start off December - beautiful sunny day & full moon

With the high pressure system arriving here in coastal BC, the weather will be perfect to start off December! What a change from the miserable (and soon forgotten) November!

Morning Sun

Glaucous Gull (Larus hyperboreus)
Glaucous Gull - I like its feet very much, especially with the black claws hanging over the edge.

Two Gulls

During lunch break, I had a little time to spend, so I went outside and enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful blue sky.

Views to the snow-capped mountains

Cormorant drying itself

A lady was feeding the gulls, causing a feeding frenzy. From the chaotic mess, I managed to take a shot of the gull in flight!

In the afternoon, I had to go outside and pick up somethings for work. By then, the sun was almost set and Downtown Vancouver was in a festive atmosphere.

Harbour Centre looking like an ice cream cone or something.

I took this shot at Four Seasons Hotel. Long exposure and moved my hands around resulted in this interesting photo. Unfortunately, I have no idea what's the proper orientation of this image anymore.

This was from Sutton Place Hotel. It looked like beautiful golden drapes or something. I am starting to like night photography and long exposure shots!

Full Moon on 2009-12-01
And finally, the whole purpose of today - to take a picture of the full moon of 2009-12-01!

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