Happy b-day, mama & Walk by the dyke in a cloudy day

Hello everyone! I know I haven't posted since last week. It's not because I don't want to, but the weather and my work have been keeping me indoors and occupied at the same time.

Today is my mother's birthday and we celebrated by having a lunch at a Chinese restaurant! Afterwards we headed to Terra Nova to enjoy the rare dry day.

View from Terra Nova.

Great Blue Heron, before it saw us and flew away.

Then my mother was getting tired so my parents drove back home while I continued walking along the dyke trail towards home.

While near the Terra Nova Slough, a Northern Harrier flew right over me and gave me a look.

Today I saw my (two or perhaps even more) Brown Creepers, Certhia americana, of the season.

I also saw my first Hooded Mergansers, Lophodytes cucullatus, of the season! How I wish my mother was with me to see one of her favorite birds!

As I continue to walk towards home, I saw a couple more Northern Harriers flying along the dyke.

Northern Harriers - identified by their white uppertail coverts.

Watching this adult male (because it is grayish) landing on dead tree roots, with Snow Geese in the background.

And the Bald Eagles have finally made home! I was just beginning to worry they might nest here this year...

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