Beautiful sunrise sky

Took this while I was on the bus to work this morning (hence the glass glare. Sorry). I saw this beautiful scene from a distance and was very tempted to take a picture without being seen as a crazy nutcase.

In the end, me caring what others think gave way to what I really wanted. Not a great picture, but a good "copy" of a spectacular morning sky.


shan-lin said...

wow! beautiful!

what time did you take the bus to work though >< ?

Wanderin' Weeta said...


On a bus or the SkyTrain, and sometimes other places, people probably think of me as a "crazy nutcase". What does it matter, I think; they don't know me, and it will give them something to laugh about later. "You should have seen the crazy woman on my bus last night!" That sort of thing.

Brightening other people's days. And getting interesting photos. Two birds, one stone.

PSYL said...

shan-lin: I leave home around 7am. It's just like going back to school except I am getting paid now if I arrive early (OVERTIME!).

Wanderin' Weeta: Thank you for your comment. I'll definitely remember that the next time I take out my camera and transform into a shutterbug. Ha!

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