Reading "I and the Bird #90".

I am currently reading I and the Bird #90: Christmas Count Tally Rally, hosted by Jeffery A. Gordon.

For those new bloggers out there (such as myself), I had to search for what is exactly is blog carnival? According to Wikipedia, blog carnival is a blog event dedicated to a particular topic and is published on a regular basis. So, I guess "I and the Bird" is dedicated to ornithology then.

This is an excellent idea because it sort of gives you the best posts by some of the more experienced bloggers and ornithologists out there, and the blogs are always filled with wonderful pictures and stories. It also gives me the chance to become a follower of some of the excellent blogs out there that are unknown to me. Once again, a great idea.

Wish one day I'll good enough to host one of these things. Until then, reading on...

Oh yeah, sky-watching wise, today was great. At Harbour Green Park, you can see the beautiful snow-covered mountain tops of North Shore Mountains. Nice!

Since most of today's blog is about birds, I'll post my bird picture from today.

A group of pigeons giving me the look as I walk by.
What, no food or crumbs!!?


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