Snow day!

I have been waiting to take some snow pictures ever since getting my camera. Snow makes repetitive subjects interesting again. Plus, it couldn't have come at a better time than during the holidays (fingers crossed for a white Xmas). I had to take these pictures early because I got an office potluck to go to tonight. So I headed to the dyke as soon as I finish my breakfast.

Along the way, these pictures are what I mean by snow makes everything more interesting.

Fire hydrant + snow = Head of a poodle?

Icy streets but a pretty sight.

When I got to the dyke, the mallards were diving and flapping their wings again.

When I got closer to the mallards, two sudden strange cries sounded and two birds emerge out of nowhere and flew away from me. It was very exciting because I am sure I never heard or seen this species before, so I quickly search for them in the snow and saw one. With its stocky body shape and long bill, I think it should be a Wilson's Snipe (Gallinago delicata), but I am not 100% positive.

What a great observation to start off the day! The view is extremely beautiful today too with the clouds clearing on top of the north shore mountains and the sunshine hitting on the fresh snow cap - making the mountains golden and magnificent.



Another great thing about winter is the icicles. They are like the icy form of stalactites but pure and cold.

Snow also covers all the dull colours on the ground and transforms the landscape into a winter wonderland.




The white background also brings out some unnoticed subjects before, such as these winged seeds of European birch (Betula pendula) - described in more details by Huckleberry Days here.

In the small patch of trees near the golf course, I heard a Northern Flicker calling quite loudly and I advanced quietly trying to get a good shot. And indeed I did!

Northern Flicker along West Dyke Trail (Richmond)

But then the flicker quickly flew away. Wonder what was wrong, I looked into the distance and saw a Northern Harrier approaching and leaving again.

Northern Harrier along West Dyke Trail (Richmond)

Don't want to be late for the party, that was all I traveled and saw today. The view was looking nice in the southern direction while I was heading back home though.


Actually, the sky got much more clearer and bluer as the day progressed. And the north shore mountains looked fantastic when I was on the bus heading into Vancouver. I didn't get a chance to take pictures on the bus - because the bus window was very dirty and too many strange-looking people around. But I did manage to take some pictures in my co-worker's home near 10th Avenue. Gorgeous view to be seen everyday by my co-worker. Jealous.

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Huckleberry said...

Those are really nice shots. I particularly like the flicker shot (the cattails look so interesting), and the harrier shot (beautiful scenic shot!). But it sure is cold here, isn't it?

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