Enjoying the white stuff...from the comfort of indoor

Well, today was just great! Beautiful white large snow flakes kept falling down from the sky, and I just sat back and enjoy the view through the windows. Usually it's just the plain old view, but the snow just makes it so much livelier and Christmassy.

No angel on this tree, just a crow.

But then I could not stand being couped up indoors anymore so I went outside to take some more pictures.

You can probably calculate the rate of snowfall with this picture, but why ruin it.

The camera was getting snow on it, and since I don't want to destroy the camera I hurried inside again.

The only two birds I saw today were crows and seagulls.

Wish I know the trick to freeze the snowflakes to show how heavy the snowfall actually was. Perhaps a faster shutter speed and a better camera??

But this is a good indication too.

Reminds me how beautiful winter is. Oh wait, it is winter (solstice) today! Hooray!

Just before dinner, I went out again. This time I tried to use flash to freeze the snowflakes, and turned out okay.

Wish my hand was steadier though.

Not a person in sight.

Shaky hand again, but it turned out alright. The snowflakes in the sky now looks like shiny stars from light-years away. Cool!

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Wanderin' Weeta said...

Good pictures. Isn't it fun, experimenting?

I wrapped Saran Wrap around my camera when I went out in the snow. I left just the lens uncovered, but shielded by a lip of the wrap.

Out there, I met another woman, with a water-resistant camera, ideal for this climate, she said. But she had hers wrapped in Saran Wrap, too, just in case.

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