Turning indoor for nature viewing...

Vancouver's rain season has finally arrived! Hooray (Major sarcasm)!!!

Can't really go anywhere because most creatures are just like us and want to stay out of the rain in dry and warm places. Anyways, I am still very busy with my job so I can't really do a decent blog until the weekend, and with the weather these days, I wonder if I will find anything interesting post at all.

Well, on Tuesday and Wednesday night (just before I go to bed), I did saw some interesting critters in my home. One was unknown, but it didn't move too much and was dead the next morning. What's with the deaths lately?

Cute unknown creature. Only about 3mm long (thanks to my camera's amazing 1cm Macro).

On Wednesday night, I saw this gnat inside the bathroom. I quickly captured it in a plastic container and took these pictures.

Window Gnat (Sylvicola fenestralis)?

Too lazy to open the window, I covered with a mesh before I go to bed and released it the next morning. The last time I had gnats in a container, I tipped the lid a little bit to get some air into it, but by next morning, the gnats were gone! I wonder how they did it because the space that I left was very very small. I am also curious how they get into my room through my window screen. Interesting creatures, these gnats.

Mosquito identification can be processed here, but no gnats. Pity.

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