Foolish Pleasure*...

*The title of this post is from a fishing boat's name that I saw when I was out enjoying the beautiful Sunday afternoon. Enjoying nature is such a simple and easy pleasure and yet so few people do it nowadays - either because they are fools or perhaps they think only do-no-good fools enjoy nature. If the latter case, then I am proud to be a fool to indulge in this foolish pleasure.

I saw these beautiful colours behind Steveston Martial Art Centre. Nice little place to visit to see the Japanese style buildings and feel the culture of Ancient Japan.

While I was beside the baseball diamond, I came across this American Robin.

As well as this Dark-eyed Junco, which are also called "snowbirds" because they have "gray skies above, snow below" coloring. Hey, sounds like the perfect bird for describing the weather of Lower Mainland!

Then I saw where the design for lamp shades came from.

Lamp shade, nature style.

The skies before a bad weather are always the most interesting ones, whether it be the pre-typhoon clouds in Taiwan or the pre-rainy clouds here in Lower Mainland. Here is the proof.

Just as I was snapping these pictures away, I heard a thunderous honking sounds in the distance. Yep, it is the Snow Geese again along Sturgeon Bank. What a sight it was to see these animals traveling en masse. Truly breath-taking.

Then I saw these Red-winged Blackbirds not in their usual marsh habitat but on the sterns of "Foolish Pleasure" and other boats. I guess they are enjoying their foolish pleasure as well.

God, I need to stop trying so hard to incorporate foolish pleasure into this post. Oops.


shan-lin said...

peter you should really work/volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary. it's where you can get closer to the animal and very rewarding! You learn to recognize different species really fast too.

Love the pictures as always

PSYL said...

Thank you, shan-lin, for your suggestion. It is indeed one of the goals that I am trying to work towards. Perhaps after my temp job.

And thanks for your comment.

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