Oh...how I hate & love Mondays...

Today was such a terrible in the office. I missed the shipment schedule for one of the seminars on Thursday in Victoria, and with the holiday tomorrow, it's up to my boss to spend big money to get it over by then. I hate Mondays.

But then Mondays have some of my favorite TV programs, such as "Life in Cold Blood"! A great episode today all about snakes, so exciting!!

Here are some interesting facts that I learned and reviewed from today's episode:
1. Flowerpot Snake (Ramphotyphlops braminus) looks like worms and feeds on ant and terminate eggs and pupae.
2. Mozambique Spitting Cobra (Naja mossambica) can spit their venom to deter confronters and predators, as demonstrated by Sir David Attenborough and his protective gear. The venom is aimed at the eyes of other animals to cause blindness (in humans).
3. Hog-nosed Snake can play dead and produce a foul smell when threatened.
4. The Crab-eating Snake only eats the legs of crabs in mangrove forests when the tides are low.
5. Queen Snake (Regina septemvittata) and its exclusive diet of newly-molted crayfish only.
6. King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is the world's longest venomous snake, and even though they have the venom, they will perform quite majestic wrestlings only between two competitors for potential mate.
7. Anaconda, during pregnancy, moves between the warm dry surface and cool water to maintain their body temperature at 29 degrees Celsius. They give birth to live offspring, of up to 40 baby boas.
8. Sea snakes live in the sea, and even though they have lungs, they can also absorb oxygen (in the seawater) through their skin, but they do come up to the surface once in a while to get a gulp of fresh air. They can regulate the salinity in their body by excreting salt from a gland near its tongue, and they drink fresh water during raining days near the surface.
9. And there was this unknown non-venomous sea snake that had turtle-like lips that can graze fish eggs from corals and they are such slow grazers that even algae form on its body.
10. Finally, there is always this interesting trick to help you identify the harmless King Snakes from the venomous Coral Snakes. But this does not apply to the snakes outside of Southeastern USA.

Red touch yellow, kill a fellow
Red touch black, venom lack

Anyways, today's weather was particularly nice. Too bad, I was stuck in the office the entire day. Hope the weather continues (although the forecast says otherwise), so that I can enjoy my outdoor adventure tomorrow. Boundary Bay, perhaps? Cross my fingers.

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