Quick stroll during lunchtime.

I haven't had a decent 1-hour lunchtime in a while where I can eat my lunch quickly and go out to get some fresh air. I'm always busy with one task or another or the weather is terrible. Anyways, today's weather was decent so I made an effort to try to go out after my lunch.

Glaucous Gull...waiting for its love?

A female House Sparrows (Passer domesticus). They aren't actually sparrows, but belong in the family of Old World Weaver Finches (who are known for the ingenious nest-building techniques).

The male (above) has the black bib, while the female (below) has the buffy eye stripe. But juvenile males resemble adult females too. These birds are looking all round and ready for the cold winter.

Today's sky watch picture. If only the buildings don't exist...

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