Hiking in Pacific Spirit Regional Park...until my battery ran out (Ocean Edition)

So after I left the forest behind, the ocean view was right in front of me. So gorgeous. West Vancouver looked great in the distance.

In the distance, you could see many Goldeneyes, Scoters, and Buffleheads floating on top of the water too (which turned out to be little black specks on my pictures).

And then were some brave ones traveling closer to the shore for food. I noticed that sometimes fishes would jump out of the water while the birds were diving. I am guessing the fishes are just avoiding being captured?

Surf Scoter (on the left); Common Goldeneyes (on the right)

I took these beautiful pictures as the sun was slowly setting.

A small group of Common Goldeneyes.

Now, one sad scene that I came across was this carcass. I am guessing it's a seagoing mammal- either a seal or a sea lion because of its blubbery body. It had been decayed for a while as the smells were quite bad when I got close. The animal was at least 1-m in length and about 100-kg. From the pictures, you could see the head was missing, and some parts of skeleton were observable - I wonder if animals or humans had to do with that. I was trying to cover it with sand, but it didn't work too well. Not sure why it was here or how it died, but I hope it will have a better afterlife than this. R.I.P.

I continued walking and arrived at the Tower Beach (where I did my bird survey for my class last year). Little had changed except with the new graffiti on the tower. I took this last picture before my camera warned me of low battery. Then I headed back home.

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