Chasing the Elusive Moon

Chasing the Elusive Moon

The mighty winds came and blew the dark clouds
away from this open land
along with my gray mood.
With that, appeared the elusive Moon.

So beautiful and yet so secretive and shy,
she hid
behind the structures of men.

But I was ready,
ready to document her simply beauty,
even for just one quick glimpse.

As I chased her,
she hid and then peeked.
So beautiful, her beauty is my strength to continue.
The trees danced furiously with the wind to cheer me on.

Finally, on an open land.
She had nowhere to hide.
Not anymore.
Her beauty is finally mine to observe.

In the daylight,
she was the graceful lady.
But it was the only matter of time.
Then she will become the vixen of the darkness.

Oh, how I love you, the elusive Moon.
Good night, my sweet lady,
and I shall search for you again tomorrow.


Enjoying the view from the office today. Midday and Afternoon.

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