Mud Lake, Ottawa

Last night, my landlord hosted a Christmas party at her/my place, so I didn't go out until this afternoon.  I searched online to see where popular bird-watching spots are and decided to go out to where I went almost two years ago (and saw waxwings).  The spot is called Mud Lake, near the Britannia Yacht Club.

Mud Lake, Britannia
Since the lake was frozen, the Mallards had limited choices of where to go.

Recycled bird feeder.

This gentleman was feeding birds even though his hands were frozen, he said.

He was feeding chickadees and nuthatches, and even squirrels that came to his feet.

The Downy Woodpecker didn't came to him, but there were many nearby.

Chickadees searching for fallen food.

Same with the squirrels.

Sunshine reflection
Because the sun was starting to set around 4 PM, I didn't have time to walk all the way around the lake.  Maybe next time.

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