Holiday season in downtown Ottawa

People who have followed my blog for a while will know that I like to photograph Christmas decorations and lights during this time of the year.  In previous years, I usually fly back to BC at this time of the year, but this year, I will be spending my time here in Ontario and getting ready for my Ph.D and working on my manuscripts.

Nonetheless, I still keep an eye out for place with interesting Christmas decorations and lights, and this particular blog provides excellent information and images for such a thing.  I left my office this afternoon and headed towards Parliament Hill to take some photos.

Hint of Christmas in downtown Ottawa
I was a bit early so it was not dark yet.

Sparks Street
I wandered around for a bit, including walked along Sparks Street, a seemingly famous street here in Ottawa.

Bokeh street view
Bokeh style

Holiday season at Parliament Hill
I arrived at Parliament Hill shortly after 5 PM, and it was beautiful (and cold).

Holiday season at Parliament Hill
I might make a Christmas card out of this image.

Like the last time on the Alexandra bridge, my fingers were freezing and I just quickly snapped some photos and be on my way.

National War Memorial of Canada
I like this image because of the shadow created by incoming traffic lights.

One last image before I called it a night and headed to Rideau Centre for a bowl of spicy udon noodle soup.

Tomorrow will be exactly one year since my friend passed away last winter in a car accident.  No words can ever describe my sadness.  Rest in peace, Sarah.

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