Frog-eating Mallard at Brewer Park

I took care of some business at the bank this morning at Billings Bridge Shopping Centre, and then I went to Brewer Park nearby (across from Carleton University) because the weather was nice.

Icy river
Ice forming on the Rideau River.

A leaf that was covered by snow and left a shape of the heart.

Frozen Brewer Park Pond.  A person passing me told me people skate here when it is completely frozen.

Bridge crossing Bronson Avenue.

Golden Plant
Saw these interesting golden-coloured plant parts.  Quite beautiful.

I was about to head back to the bus stop, but then I saw people coming from underneath the bridge and so I went and checked it out.


Graffiti Art
There were some interesting graffiti artwork on the bridge.

Graffiti Art

Graffiti Panorama
Took a large panorama of the entire surface.  Larger image here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/psyl/11327499343/in/photostream/

Then I saw this Mallard eating on the river.  It was having a difficult time swallowing whatever it had in its bill, so I moved closer to it along the shore.

It turned out to be a frog!

There was another Mallard next to it, but this one didn't try to take its food away.

The Mallard kept trying to fit the wide-bodied frog into its narrow bill.

In the end, the Mallard either lost the frog underneath the ice or interest in the frog, and just gave up.

Finding and photographing wildlife is difficult and rare during this time of the year, so I was very fortunate to observe this event.

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