(Long) walks around Peterborough and Trent

I have been very busy lately because I am working on my funding applications for my potential Ph.D. position due next week.  I took a little break on Thursday morning when I had to drive the lab vehicle to get serviced.  After dropping the truck off, I walked to Jackson Park to photograph the fall colours.

Autumn colours at Jackson Park
The colours were mostly here, although there were still some green leaves.

Autumn colours at Jackson Park
Photographed with the OM 50 f2 lens.


Autumn colours at Jackson Park
One of the "redder" trees in the park.

Red, yellow, green, and blue - all in one image.

Red at the top and green down below.

Visiting Jackson Park in the morning - it does not happen often enough.

More colours.

Autumn colours at Jackson Park
The branches at the top framed the image quite nicely.

Green leaves.

I ran into Trent's limnology class measuring all kinds of things in the creek - leaf flow speed, etc.

While talking to the course instructor, I learned that this foam found in the creek comes from the breakdown of leaf and other organic material.  I remember seeing something like this in Otonabee River, as well as on the coast.  After searching online, I learn that it is called a "sea foam" in marine environments and it is hydrophobic.  While it looks harmless, sea foam may be detrimental to bird life according to this interesting post.

I always see Golden-crowned Kinglets (last year, for example) in this park although they are always too fast for me to properly photograph them.

Autumn colours at Jackson Park
More colours.

Autumn colours at Jackson Park
This is always my favourite kind of image - looking up on a tree.

Pagoda bridge
Can't believe it has been more than two years when I first visited Jackson Park.

Pagoda bridge
Really like this bridge.

After finding out the front brakes of the truck needed to be replaced, I walked to downtown Peterborough to find a coffee shop to do some work.  I saw the beautiful colours outside the St. John's Angelican Church.  Too bad the "no parking" sign was in the way.

St. John's Anglican Church
Focusing on just the tower.

After getting the phone call saying that the repair was complete in the afternoon, I walked back to the shop and drove the truck back to school.  Then I walked back to where I live.

Photographing another bridge.

Underworld world
The dream-like reflection.

Not exactly symmetrical, I just realized.

Another perspective.  And two bridges this time.

Purple flower
Knapweed (Centaurea sp.) flower. (Thanks to Sara for commenting and identifying it for me).

Haven't photograph a sunset photo like this in a while.

While walking along the the Parkway Trail, I saw this American Robin on the ground and struggling to hide in the bushes.  It was flying/hopping and had a difficult time balancing itself.  I made a tough decision of letting nature take its course because I had no idea what I would do with an injured bird and it probably wouldn't survive very long.

Saw a chipmunk eating maple seeds.  It was getting darker then, so this image was really blurry.

I estimated that I walked almost 20-km on that day even though I had a vehicle at my disposal (sort of).  So I took a break by working from home yesterday.  I biked to school today to work on my applications some more, but I didn't took any photos at all.  
So, overall, I am quite busy lately, especially with the current work I am doing, in addition to preparing my own thesis into a manuscript, working on my funding applications, and putting together a presentation for an entomology conference I am going to next next week at Guelph (I don't think I mentioned that yet, yeah?).

Anyways, happy Thanksgiving.

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Sara Rall said...

Lovely pictures, as always. I really enjoy your blog, though I rarely comment. Your purple flower is knapweed.

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