Wolf Lake, Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park

A couple of friends and I went for a nice canoe paddle at Wolf Lake in Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park today.  Our original destination was to portage to the adjacent Crab Lake, but we couldn't find the route so we ended up just paddling around the lake.

Entrance to Wolf Lake
We launched our canoe at this spot.

Fall colours at Wolf Lake
Beautiful fall colours.  One reason we chose this place is because it is not as popular as Algonquin.  We only saw one other person on the lake the entire time we were there.

Wolf Lake Reflection 1
The water was quite calm and created beautiful reflections.

Wolf Lake Reflection 2

We couldn't find the portage route to Crab Lake, so we ended up having lunch at the start of the route to Anstruther Lake.

Where we parked.

Beautiful day and place to have lunch.

We brought Bronte the dog with us.

Looking at something.

Inukshuk on Wolf Lake
While paddling and looking for portage signs, we thought there was one because of the inukshuk on the water, but it didn't direct us to anywhere (except maybe to someone's cottage).

Cottage on Wolf Lake
Beautiful fall colours at Wolf Lake.

We were lost for a moment but when we got back to land and looked at the map, it appeared that the portage route to Crab Lake was just at the next bay over where we had our lunch.  Shoot!

Kawartha Highlands.  Definitely recommend this place to people who want to see fall colours but don't want to be surrounded by tons of tourists like at Algonquin.

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