Walking along Otonabee River and checking out Head of the Trent

One month has gone by and now we are into autumn now! How quickly time flies. I mentioned a few posts ago that October 1 is Trent's Head of the Trent regatta.

In the morning though, it was windy, cloudy, and cool outside. But the sky cleared in the afternoon and it was beautiful then. Since I am not a fan of large crowds anyways, I decided to take my time and slowly walk along the Otonabee River and towards Trent.

Clear sky

Inverlea Bridge
One of the main bridges in Peterborough.

Along Otonabee River
There's no real path along the river, although many people had done it before that there's a well-worn trail.

Saw many Yellow-rumped Warblers today.

Eastern Grey Squirrel crossing the telephone wire.

Checking me out.

Saw many bumblebees doing this today - resting on a tree trunk or telephone pole and wiping the excess pollen off their body.

Some kind of flycatcher, I believe.

Ghost of a Cardinal, I think.

American Robin (Turdus migratorius)

American Robin (Turdus migratorius)
I startled this young robin when I was photographing something. Then it decided to stay very still and hope I couldn't see it. Oh, how wrong you are, you naive bird.

Embrace the Sky

One of the most colorful plants on Trent drumlin - Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina)

Finally arriving at Trent, after about 5-km and 3 hours later.

Trent's University Novice Eight Men rowing team. They came 6th.

UoWO, 3rd.

Dusk at Trent University
Then I had dinner at the burger shack near campus, waited for about an hour for the bus (and was able to get this photo), and then came back home and just relax.

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