Algonquin Weekend

I arrived back in Peterborough yesterday afternoon. The Algonquin trip was fun despite the rain and the absence of wildlife, such as moose, otters, etc.

The weather was actually nice on Saturday morning. Photo taken while waiting to get picked up.

Inside of a maple seed.

After driving for about 2.5 hours and stopping at Bancroft for lunch, we finally arrived at Algonquin. As soon as we dropped off our backpacks and food at the cabin, we first headed to Booth's Rock, one of the trails that I didn't do last year.


Most of the leaves are now on the ground


A fair amount of climbing involved for this particular trail.

Looking down at the Lookout.

View from (one of the several) Lookout(s).

Climbing down. This time with stairs.

A maple tree with most of its leaves are hard to find in the forest.

A yellow fly agaric mushroom?

After the hike, everyone was pretty much wet from the rain so we returned back to the cabin for some dinner (frozen pizza). After chatting and playing games, we went back out in the dark and did some wolf-howls and Barred Owl calls hoping to get some responses. Unfortunately, the animals and the weather (strong wind) were not participating and we came up with nothing.

The following morning.

Heading to the Wildlife Research Station.

Deer or Moose??

After paying for our stay, we went to an abandoned air strip in the park and tried our luck birding.

Overcast day


The sun appeared and gone throughout the day, but at least the rain finally ceased.

A Common Loon (in winter plumage) far far away.

Bird-watching in Algonquin
Members of the Avian Appreciation Association club.

Giving wolf-howl one last try.

Mosaic of colours


Then we went over to the Visitor Center to look at the views and I also bought a nice poster for my office space in school.

Near the end of autumn

Driving through Algonquin
Driving back home.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of visiting this place. Hopefully I will have more opportunities in the near future.

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