First time visitng Miller Creek Wildlife Area

Today I decided to take my biking trip further and go to the Miller Creek Wildlife Area (MCWA) in Bridgenorth. I learned about this place from my friends who took their ornithology class there earlier this semester. Plus, the sun was out when I first woke up this morning so why waste a beautiful day inside.

However, biking to MCWA was tougher than I thought. It is probably because I haven't bike in awhile, or that there are many "hills" along the way, or that there are no bike trails and I had to bike along 70km-limit lanes. Nonetheless, I surprisingly found the place about an hour later without getting lost at all.

Along the way, I saw this snake in the middle of the road with some blood around it. At first I thought it was dead, but a closer look showed that it was still alive. I was unsure if I should leave it be and have other cars end its life sooner or bring it aside and hopefully it will still survive. I chose the latter.

Arriving at Miller Creek Wildlife Area.

It was here that I realized that I didn't put the kit lens back into the backpack, and so I only have my 50 f2 and telephoto lens at my disposal today.

Head of the trail.

This might be a great place to come frog-searching in the summer.

Milkweed seed pod.

The Tower
Tower for bird-watching. Before walking up to this, I saw an unknown warbler and a non-robin thrush. Forest birds are so difficult!

Country Life
The tower overlooks a wetland of cattails. On the side of the wetland was this building.

I didn't see any birds from the tower. This "furry" fly caught my attention though.

Aspens and Cedars

Trees from the field. I saw a sparrow around here. I thought it was a Chipping Sparrow, but I am not too certain at all.

Something out of a fairy tale
I like this old-looking bridge.

While walking, there were many grasshoppers trying to get out of your way, as well as several small garter snakes slithering into the grasses.

The wetland.

Miller Creek Wetland
The view all around it. It reminds me of Richmond again.

An interesting dead tree.

My only bird photo of the day. I was also investigated by three Black-capped Chickadees this afternoon where they perched right over my head and chatted about me before flying away.

Farm Life
A farm right next to the wildlife area.

Chemong Lake
Then I biked to the bridge and checked out the view of Chemong Lake. I really wished I had my wide-angle kit lens then.

Biking back home was even more difficult. Plus, I bought some things on the way home and found that they don't fit into my backpack. And so I had to leave my bike outside the mall (locked, of course) and took the bus home, and then walked back to the mall to retrieve the bike. Overall, it was an exhausting but interesting day.

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