Biking to Steveston

I rode my bike to Steveston on this nice Sunday. I didn't see too much wildlife so here are some photos along the way.

Curious Color of Winter
Art at Garry Point Park.

Lots of people at the park but the pond was unfrozen and reestablished by the gulls.

Trisha II, the Shrimp Boat
Photographing boats. A female Red-breasted Merganser can be seen in the water (below the boat's name).

Heading back home. Silhouettes of these pines (?) make an interesting image.


Someone spilled too much bird feed on the grass and this Mute Swan had to lie on its belly to feed.

While watching the swan, this Kingfisher flew over my head and perched next to a man-made pond.

Arrival of Dusk

Grinning Moon

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