Short drive to the dyke

I remember taking pictures out my window yesterday morning (just after 12am) of snow falling. Today, almost all of it are gone. Not even enough time for me to go out and take some snow photos.

I drove my mom to Steveston today to the library and grocery store. Along the way, we stopped at the South Dyke Trail.

A single female Bufflehead looking...well, lonely.

Sky-watching. Nothing too exciting.

Envisioning life as a walkway to the sea...
I still don't have the perspective of an amazing photographer to make this image stand out.

When we pulled out of the parking lot, I spotted an eagle flew from the trees. So I parked again and we spent some time looking at this eagle. At first I thought it was gathering branches for its nest, but then I thought I saw it eating something, but we couldn't see what it had between its talons.

Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
Shortly after, it flew off (nothing between its beak) across the Fraser River.

Then we drove towards Steveston.

Before that, we stopped at Phoenix Pond (I finally figured out what it is called) and looked at the ducks and coots.

It feels great to be out of the house.

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