New lens (70-300) & testing it out at Yaletown and UBC

Today, I completed a deal with a seller on craiglist and got a birding-lens for my Olympus E-620, the Zuiko Digital ED 70-300 f4.0-5.6. It's a dream come true, because it can reach 600mm so I can take much closer photos now. It's a much bigger, heavier, and beautiful than I thought but it's definitely going to make my photos better.

The seller is at Yaletown so I met him there this morning. Before he arrived, I took some photos of the people and dogs walking by.

Hello Doggie
This was the cutest dog.

Another of its own.

After the deal, I couldn't wait to put it on and try it out by walking along the Granville Seawalk! Even though it is not a macro lens, it takes pretty good close-up photos of flowers too.

Dreamlike flower

Pretty flower


Fly Butt
Fly butt!


Trying on a bird. The lens hunts a bit during AF so I will need to improve my technique, especially when it comes to holding a heaver lens and moving with subject at the same time.

Nothing wrong with your eyes (or my camera), the building was just built this way.

Autumn colours
Beautiful Autumn colours.

Natural beauty
Another beautiful close-up! Definitely one of my favorites of the day.

Many graffiti under the Granville Bridge. I didn't see them all but I thought the message on the wall was good.

False Creek
The view on Granville bridge.

Trying out zoom photography with my new lens.

Looking at the people (and birds) from above.

Originally, my plan of the day was to go check out the opening of the Beaty Biodiversity Musum at UBC but getting the lens is a top priority. So I arrived at UBC just after 2-pm.

The Knoll
The Knoll. Still around

Walking towards the museum, I heard some crackling above me. Looking up, it was a Steller's Jay! A first of the year, so it was definitely worth documenting. I am not sure what it was picking off the trees - either acorns or bugs on the bark.

I arrived at the musum, walked around it, looking at the Blue Whale skeleton, and peeking through the glass at what else the museum has to offer, then I just gave up and headed towards somewhere else.

To me, I have mixed feelings about UBC. It is a beautiful campus, no doubt (when you avoid all the areas and building under renovation or construction). But the education systems and mindsets of the university are just mind boggling. As an alumni, I appreciate the education I received, but I truly wished the university taught me better about life after university. If I knew what I know now, there will be many changes that I would make, and I probably won't be who I am now. I don't like blaming others for my own problems, but I really wish UBC had prepared me for it.

Anyways, back to the museum. First, I have a friend who worked behind the scene and told me the (not-so-good) stories behind it. Second, I recently heard from a post-doc that it was the strangest museum that she's ever been to. And after my peeking around, and seeing nothing but specimen that I saw and handled and studied during my undergraduate years, I decided it was not worth the money and time.

I decided to walk around the campus and take more photos instead.

Memory Lane

Resting Place
Not in focus, but I really like the tone in this photo.

Then I decided to go to Nitobe Memorial Garden instead. Again, UBC is money-pinching from us poor people again, and there's no special price for alumni?? I paid because I don't want today to be a total waste, not when I am in such a good mood and when today is such a beautiful day.

Nitobe Memorial Garden

Water Reflections
Upside-down reflection.

Water Reflections
Another upside-down photo.

Nitobe Memorial Garden

Maple and bokehs
Love the bokehs.


A photo of a water-strider on the pond. No photo of the dragonflies, unfortunately.

A piece of Japan in UBC

A piece of Japan in UBC

A piece of Japan in UBC
What a beautiful garden. Definitely worth the money and time to see. I wish the maple leaves are now red though.

Someone is getting trimmed real soon.

A Steller's Jay sporting a cool style.

Through the trees

Student life
Time to go back home and eat something (I didn't eat lunch and was starving then).

Lastly, my favorite photo of the day while in the garden with my new lens! Shooting against the sun with nice bokehs and beautiful backlight.

What a great day!

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