The beautiful Lynn Canyon Park

Tomorrow I begin working in downtown Vancouver again, so I thought I would use the day to go somewhere I haven't gone before, and Lynn Canyon Park is that place. I had been to Capilano many times with visiting family members but never to Lynn Valley.

I got there quite early in the morning and there weren't many hikers yet, so I was able to enjoy the park without too many tourists! First I walked across the suspension bridge and slowly hiked to Twin Falls.

Twin Falls
Twin Falls! It's a beautiful fall (much higher than it looks in the photo) and the water is so clear.

I then walked across the bridge and tried to get down to the river to photo the fall from below. Unfortunately, the fall was hidden behind a bend and the lighting was too strong for a decent photo. While admiring the surrounding from the river bank, you can hear many birds.

Such as this Golden-crowned Kinglet (Regulus satrapa). They are so quick and tiny to allow for a decent photo. But what beautiful bird (from what I saw).

After photographing the kinglet, a millipede was curling up on a stem behind me.

Heading back up the river and crossing the suspension bridge again to the 30-Foot Pool. Before I got to the pool, there are several spots where you can go next to (and into) the river to take some amazing photos.

A beautiful day to be outside.

The most beautiful place in GVR
Enjoy the water flows and the trees and that clear blue sky.

Flowing River
Another shot of the river.

Line in the sky

Fall is here
Then we reaching the 30-Foot Pool. The water is piercing clear and fresh. If it wasn't autumn right now, I might jump in for a swim!

Then I left the pool and walked up the stairs and photographed the beautiful fall colors against the blue sky.


Looking Up and Seeing Amazing Colours

Fiery autumn colours

Fire and Blue Sky

It was just about noon when I finished the main areas in the park and decided to continue hiking north to Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve and to Rice Lake. Below were the photos I took while walking around the lake. As you can tell, it's a beautiful lake.

Rice Lake

Lake, Forest, Mountain, Sky

Green behind Green

Rice Lake

Through the leaves

Through the leaves again

Rice Lake

Rice Lake

Gorgeous reflection

Rice Lake

A beautiful lake to fish in
Many people fishing in the lake. Unfortunately, many garbage litter bugs as well. I picked up many fishing lines and lunch bags left behind (probably by the fishermen).

Walking back, I saw this long Banana Slug!

This plant looks like the Spotted Touch-Me-Not that I saw back in Algonquin, but it has light pink flowers. It may be Policeman's Helmet (Impatiens glandulifera) but I didn't pay attention to its leaves (finely toothed and opposite or whorled).

Afterwards, I slowly walked back to the bus stop and headed to Lonsdale Quay (that I haven't visited in many years now).

Love the Olympus blue.

Vancouver's Skylines.

Seabus is here. Time to go home! I have to say, Lynn Canyon Park (in autumn) is perhaps the most beautiful place in GVR - definitely recommending this place to locals and visitors!

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