Delicious Lamb Chop Lunch

While it was sunny on Wednesday and I had a nice walk during my lunch break, I felt uninspired taking pictures of people and buildings.

The weather was nice again today, and my co-workers and I had a group lunch at Voya restaurant - the same restaurant that I have been to for the last three seasons that I worked here. Definitely a wonderful treat!

I chose the "Daily Chop" which was a delicious Lamb Chop. Yum!

Lamb Chop

I took a few photos, but this turned out to be the best (and most delicious-looking).

Weekend tomorrow. I shall look forward to it.

PS - I am in a discussion with a potential seller of an used Olympus 70-300 f 4-5.6 lens. Hope everything goes as planned and it is in good condition and then I will have a new toy to play with!

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