Escape to my memories (2009-10-16) - Guanshan Views

With the dark heavy clouds and a flood warning in effect here in the Lower Mainland, I wish it was snowing instead raining. Or even better, I wish that I am in some place warm and sunny. So I guess I will continue with my days from my trip in southern Taiwan.

After enjoying the beaches and a wonderful seafood lunch, we headed to Guanshan (Guan Mountain) where we were trying to see one of the phenomenons we were here for - The Raptor Migration! I will get to the migration in later posts, but while in Guanshan we were able to enjoy the beautiful setting sun across the Taiwan Strait.

Views from Guanshan

Views from Guanshan
Sunny views!

Many raptors flying and hovering in the sky, where they will head to the forests in Manjhou Township for the overnight rest.

View from Guanshan to Taiwan Strait
Too bad there were too many clouds that day.

Guanshan Sunset
Otherwise we would had a really nice view of the sunset. But this wasn't bad either.

365 days ago (2008-11-15) ...

PS - You can read a short and informative summary about the Raptor Migration here - "A Brief History of Grey-Faced Buzzard Conservation in Taiwan" by Mark B. Wilkie. It has more information that I originally know before.

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