Hope you get better soon, Sammy

I accompanied my mother to downtown Vancouver today to take care of some things. Later, we walked around the Gastown area like a couple of tourists, which we haven't been for at least 5 or 6 years. It was a nice outing with my mother.

At the same time, my heart was heavy after hearing that my friend Sammy had been injured at work while doing some field work yesterday.

I know that many of us chose this career because of the beliefs that we are doing something to improve the living conditions of our fellow non-human inhabitants on this planet, as well as the associating experiences and adventures. While working toward our goals, we are forced to do things that are beyond our control or comfort zones, but we carried on because we are stronger than we seem. Nevertheless, we need to always remember to be safe and be cautious, especially when working in an unfamiliar and unsafe environment because after all, we still need to put our safety before anything else.

The good news out of this bad news is that Sammy is doing okay, but need to put under observation for any serious aftereffects, which I hope there are none.

My heart goes out to Sammy and hope she gets better soon. And to anyone conducting field works, please be safe!!

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