Photographic post: Outside time before trapped indoor for a week

Terrible weather is suppose to be coming and staying for the next week or so, so I grabbed any chance I can today to try and be outside.

Dark gloomy day

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard

Great Blue Heron number 1

Fall colors

Great Blue Heron number 2

Number 2 giving itself a head scratch

Another view of the sky. Yep, definitely cloudy.

Another sky-watching photo.

Several Dark-eyed Junco foraging in that big sand pile by Terra Nova. First time I been there since coming back. Quite ugly and terrible use of space if I do say so myself. Such is the woes of being a host of the Olympics, I guess.

A female Scaup in the Fraser River. Greater or Lesser? I think it may be a Greater Scaup because of its more smoothly rounded head, but I can never tell for sure.

Rain was starting to come down quite hard. But I still spent some time photographing these Fly Agaric Mushrooms (Amanita muscaria). Beautiful but dangerous.

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