Appreciating the Concrete Jungle

This is not a nature post as I am in the city for most of the weekdays now. Nevertheless, I found that if you pay close enough attention to your surroundings, you will find interesting things to observe, such as buildings, the skies behind the buildings, the people, the trees on the sidewalks, the gulls and pigeons gliding between buildings, and so forth.

Pan Pacific being remodeled.

Clear view to the North Shore Mountains

Busy people and glowing sky

I like turning building images into black-and-whites.

Another view as I prepare to go to work.

Vancouver Lookout at Harbour Centre

Autumn colors in the city

Busy life in Downtown Vancouver
For no particular reason, I just like this photo and therefore it goes into my Flickr. It kind of has a photojournalistic feel to it, I guess.

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