Photos of the Day: Day Three

I just had a group dinner with new friends from last week's orientation tour. Plus, today was extremely hot and stuffy in Taipei City, so it wasn't too pleasant working under the sun. Here're some of the interesting photos that I took.

The latest nest tree discovered and its owner. Inside the nest cavity are three eggs. Strangely, in the three hours that I observed, I only saw the male parent incubating the eggs. I wonder where the female went.

Near where we were observing the nest, a bright orange mushroom was found. I hope to have its identification soon because it's quite beautiful.

In addition to observing the nest, we continued with our barbet catching assignment. The first method of using a mist net with extendable poles on two sides never really worked out since the parent barbet never allowed enough time for us to make our move. So in the late afternoon, we changed our plan and used a smaller mist net hanging (on four corners) placed just outside the entrance - kind of like raising a flag. We will be trying this method again tomorrow.

While catching the birds, I tried to photograph a Chinese Bulbul's nest while the parents were away. But shortly afterwards, the parent returned and wasn't very happy with me being an intruder. So I quickly left them alone.

Back in the office, the parasitic eggs are entering into another life stage...So fast?

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