Some Muller's Barbet "info"

According to the Chinese calendar, today's the hottest day of summer. Coincidentally, I spent the entire work day today trying to organize and input observation sheets into Excel worksheets. A little bit of the afternoon was outside walking towards the botanical garden and back. Otherwise, my day was quite normal.

Nevertheless, we now have some quantifiable results to show off, such as:
- Muller's Barbet lay an average of 3.07 eggs per clutch (n = 13).
- Average incubation period is 15.5 days (n = 2).
- Average brooding period is 29.0 days (n = 2).
- The predominate nest tree species is Cinnamomum camphora (40%) (n = 10).

It was interesting to see the long period for the parent barbets to raise their youngs, especially of their small body size. Perhaps it is because they are a cavity-nesting species so that they need to take good care of the youngs so all of their hard work is not in vain. Who knows.

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