Trout Lily in the backyard

While I was taking out the compost this morning, I saw this beautiful flower in the backyard.  I quickly ran back into the house to get my camera.

Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum)
According to resources, it is a Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum) with yellow flowers and the leaves are mottled with brown markings.  It flowers in early spring and usually found in moist woods.  Neat!  

This week (Thursday to Saturday), I will be attending the Ontario Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution Colloquium (OE3C in short) at Western University.  This will be the first time I present my research in front of other researchers and students, as well as my first time in London, Ontario, so I am looking forward to it.

Wish me luck!

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