Interesting coloured critters during the weekend

Biked to school yesterday and today to work on my thesis.  I stopped at the soccer field again to see what kind of wildlife I could find.

On Saturday, I saw an all-green bee that I assumed is an Agapostemon sp., and Silvery Blue butterflies again.

Metallic Green Bee (Genus Agapostemon)

Metallic Green Bee (Genus Agapostemon)

Silvery Blue (Glaucopsyche lygdamus)

Today, I saw the following:

Frosted Whiteface (Leucorrhinia frigida)
Frosted Whiteface (Leucorrhinia frigida) again (?)

A reddish small bee with colourful abdomen, which I believe is a Nomada sp. bee.


I like the markings on the abdomen - white, yellow, and red.

Just as I was about to go to my office, I spotted a small, bluish-gray jumping spider with a brown abdomen!  I was amazed by it and took some photos.  It was a male Habronattus decorus


Under the sunlight, the abdomen shows a bright pink colour.

What a beautiful creature.  I like the video posted in this website while I was trying to identify it.

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Tim said...

You're right...that video *was* done quite well.

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