Maytag the cat & Herps

My landlord got a cat on Monday and his name is Maytag (Tag for short).  This is my first time living with a cat (even though I like animals a lot, being responsible them is a completely different story), so it's going to be an interesting experience for sure.

Maytag on the sofa

Took photos of him on the stairs before I walked to school this morning.

Last night, I sat in the Herpetology course here at Trent and learned all about their diversity.  Even though I took a similar course back in UBC, it's certainly a difference experience after my years of working and learning things on my own.  While listening to the instructor, I wonder if I am capable of ever teaching an entire course by myself, and if so, what is my specialization - bats, birds, insects, plants?

There were also live animals for us to see during the break.

Some kind of gecko

Ceratophrys sp. (Pacman frog).  I could not find this animal until the instructor brushed aside the dirt to reveal it.

A Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum) through the dirty glass.

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