Mayfly, Beetle, and Waxwings

Some photos from yesterday and today.

Close-up of a dead mayfly found in my office.

Last night, while I was watching a basketball game, I heard something flying and hitting the screen door.  I realized it was some kind of a beetle, so I quickly grabbed my camera equipment and a jar to collect it.  I put it in the fridge for a minute or two to cool it down, and then took some photos of it.  I believe it is a Hermit Flower Beetle (Osmoderma sp.) but I am not particularly certain what species it is (only three species found in Canada).

Hermit Flower Beetle (Osmoderma sp.)


Hermit Flower Beetle (Osmoderma sp.)
Portrait of the beetle.  Quite cute.

Took this photo this evening when I was in a rush of going to the bus to catch a bus home.  I think they are Cedar Waxwings (with pale undertail; while Bohemian Waxwings have rufous undertail), but I could be wrong.  First sighting of the year for me.

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