Collection of assorted photos in November

November had been extremely slow, photography and blogging-wise due to the combination of poor weather, thesis writing, and uninteresting things to blog about.

Here are some photos taken in the second half of November.

Found a bird nest on the ground on the 14th when the weather was nice and I walked from where I live to school (takes about 1 hour).

Preparing to send my bees from the 2011 field season away for identification by Dr. Sheffield at RSM.  Yes, these were all the bees I got (not even a full box) whereas my lab mate working in Algonquin had eight boxes of bees needing of identification.

Biked to Jackson Park on the 24th due to feeling sluggish staying indoors all day.  You can sort of see the moon just above the trees.

Moon-watching on 2012-11-24
When I arrived back at the house, it was already dark and moon was nice and bright for a photo.

We got our first proper snow on the 25th and I took some photos while walking to my office.


Checking out what birds I could find.

I saw BCCH, HOSP, and this handsome male NOCA.

A heart-shaped tire tracks in the snow.

Snowy Sunset

Flying back to BC in two weeks.  Hopefully taking pictures and blogging will pick up there, although I seriously doubt it.

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