Reminiscing June 28th in Ivvavik

After surveying one of my study sites of Moss campions (Silene acaulis), my field assistant and I hiked past the southernmost part of the park (that I had been to).

Ivvavik landscape dotted with purple vetches
During the most productive part of the year, this landscape was covered with purple Northern sweet vetch (Hedysarum alpinum) plants.  Therefore, the land was alive with various pollinators visiting the flowers - sulphurs, whites, bumblebees, etc.  Hard to imagine Arctic full with so much life, for most people.

Firth River, Yukon
Near Inspiration Point, where my S. acaulis study site was located.  This year, I incorporated this gynodioecious plant species into my study and I was interested in the pollination ecology and the spatial effect of neighbouring mates on focal individuals.

Firth River, Yukon
This now become the southernmost part of the park that I have been to.  I remember us being hot after the hike and we dipped into the river for a refreshing moment.

Unnamed Tors of Ivvavik
Unnamed Tors, although I think my assistant named it Alpha Wolf Tor or something like that.

Firth River, Yukon
Where we went swimming.

Firth River, Yukon
Hiking back to the camp.  As you can see, there were many steep and rocky slopes along the river that we had no choice but to hike straight up and over the forested areas.  Not an easy climb at all.

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