Exploring the Lady Eaton Drumlin

Went out shopping in the morning to get a few more things that I still need for my new place, e.g. kettle, spatula, etc.

On the way to the store, I spotted this toad on the hot gravelly trail.  It's good to always bring my P&S camera with me.  You'll never know what you might encounter.

In the afternoon, I had too much of sitting at home and so I biked from my new place to Trent.  There is a relatively steep downhill from my new place, so biking to school took less than 20 minutes.  The first thing I did was hiking up to the Lady Eaton Drumlin. 

Dogday Harvestfly Cicada (Tibicen canicularis)
On this hot day, there wasn't a whole lot of animal activity, except for the cicadas and a few jays that I heard.  However, I did spot this Dogday Harvestfly Cicada (Tibicen canicularis) at my eye level, so that I could easily get this shot.  I really like the thick green wing base of this cicada.

Found this unknown insect-made structure on the sumac.  I didn't tear it open, but I am guessing it's a cocoon for something - moth, wasp, etc?

Hiking down the drumlin, this Eastern Cottontail was (unknowingly) running towards me.  However, once it saw me, it stopped.  I snapped a few photos before it ran away back where it came from.

First Eastern Kingbird of the summer - yelling at something.

Otonabee River
Otonabee River

Not Back to School... Yet
The school bus stop.  It will be very busy in two weeks.

Eastern Chipmunk looking at something.

Unknown bird but a birder friend suggests it's a first-year male Magnolia Warbler (Setophaga magnolia).  I'll take her word for it.

Here's the Osprey platform right outside our athletic center.  I believe that's an juvenile high up on its castle.

Looking very regal.

Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
But calling out for food like any spoiled baby.

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